Taxi Solutions

Getting a clear picture of how your drivers are performing across your fleet allows you to manage your risk and associated impacts effectivley.  Individual key performance metrics, and detailed incident reports allow you to provide corrective feedback to drivers, and make staffing changes as needed.  Driver reports also give you the tools you need to to create measurable improvements.

Trucking Solutions

Our trucking solutions are higly tailorable to your unique business.  From driver id systems, dash cams, freight monitoring and tracking sensors, we work with you to implement the technology you need to manage your fleet effectivley.

Total Fleet Management

All 3Fleet installations come with a unified, best of breed Fleet Tracking Platform.   

Personalized Telematics

Are you looking for a solution unique to your specific purposes?  We are able to tailor a telematics solution to achieve your goals.  Are you looking to track mileage automatically? Do you have a report based metric you need to collect?  Are you looking to reduce your insurance costs? Is fuel consumption impacting your bottom line? Are you looking to utilize vehicle locations and notifications for a specific purposes? With a robust and market proven platform, we can work with you to meet your goals.  Let's talk!